Dedicated to student success in Norristown Area School District.

My name is Spencer Austin and I am running for School Director on the Norristown Area School Board.

From all corners of the Norristown Area, every student in our community should be successful. I believe opportunity should never be defined by zip code or socioeconomic status, but rather a willingness to learn. My goal is to help build a school system that works for all our students, and one that address the needs in and out of the classroom.

I invite you to engage in this work with me so we can build student success together. I encourage you to explore my platform page and learn how I plan to work to help bring opportunity and equity back to Norristown Area School District where it belongs. Check out my "What I Want to See" page where you can offer your insight on improving our district. As always, feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns.


It takes all of us to achieve student success in Norristown Area School District.

Get involved!