About Spencer

Spencer Austin lives and works in Norristown. He raises his family with the same values he grew up with, which are: a tireless work ethic, going above and beyond the call of duty, and giving back to the community through service and good works.

Spencer’s daughter, Virginia, will be a future Norristown Area School District student, and he wants her and all Norristown children to have the best educational experience possible. This means preparing kids for any path they choose, whether that is in the trades, college, or other work-life paths.

Spencer is married to Betty, who graduated from Norristown Area High School in 2009. Though a transplant from Michigan, Spencer has called Norristown home for years. He is proud to lay roots here, seeing massive potential for the future.

At the age of fourteen, Spencer began employment as a bagger at a local grocery store. While it took him away from friends, the job gave him something invaluable. He was raised in a family with strong union ties (UAW and the Teamsters), and this helped mold and prepare him for work-life. Spencer holds these same values close to his heart today.

Spencer spent much of the last decade working in politics, serving as an intern and then becoming a campaign manager running successful campaigns and he later would spend a year working in the Pennsylvania State Senate, working in Constituent Relations. His stellar record led to him serving as a caseworker for a US Congressman.

After an unforeseen end in politics, Spencer gained employment in the banking sector. It was a significant career shift, but like many of you, he’s learned to live with change to provide for his family.

Now Spencer wants to strengthen his community by providing a voice for those who want better for their children.