Achieve Academic Excellence

As a candidate, I believe that providing an excellent education for our children in a safe, welcoming environment must be top priority for NASD.

As parents, we have the right to expect that our children will attend any school in Norristown where every student:

· Reaches their full potential, by offering classes that will challenge students, in turn that will help them succeed in the future.

· Receives support if they are struggling so they can stay on track and excel.

· Benefit from an outstanding education that is cost effectively delivered while aiming for continuous improvement.

· Benefits from the best experience possible, where students academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs are met.

· Learns in a safe, welcoming environment that puts students first, focused on their well-being and on their workload.

I’m ready help restore Norristown Area School District to a district that offers high quality education to our students and that will offer our educators the best resources to help nurture academic excellence. 

Encouraging Community Involvement

As a candidate, I believe that our schools are the backbone of our community. They produce our thinkers, leaders, innovators, and active citizens. Providing young people with education changes our world for the better, and everyone must be involved in that process.

My plan of actions to help encourage community involvement:

· Building partnerships with local business to develop programs for students, as well as resources and time donations.

· Increasing parental involvement in our school system by supporting the improvement or creation of Parent Teacher Associations at the schools within the NASD.

· Introduce a “Portfolio Day” within the middle schools and high school. The school board members and the Superintendent will work together to recruit community leaders and local business owners to be panel members. Throughout the school year, students will collect samples of work that they feel showcases their best skills. At the end of the year, the panel of three members will be presented the work and offer insight to help the students succeed in the future.

· Help establish a Peer-to-Peer tutoring program that match students based on their area of need. However, the program will offer the chance for the tutor and student the opportunity to build a friendship.

Establishing Equity in Our School System

As a candidate, I recognize there is a lack of equity in our school system. Where a student lives and how much money their family makes impacts the opportunities of which they have access to. Every student should have the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of who they are.

My Plan of Action:

· Help establish student-based budgeting which funds school based on the needs of every student.

· Advocating for universal access to educational tools that will prepare our students for the next grade level, regardless of their socioeconomic or ethnic background.

· Establish a program that will recruit the best qualified educators to come to NASD. 

· Retain our talented educators through improving professional development, support systems and incentives.

Improved Accountability in Our School System

As a candidate, I recognize our school system is in dire need of a positive change. Our school board members and the Superintendent must work hard to fix this and bring the positive change. It’s time for our leaders to be held accountable for both successes and failures in our schools. 

My plan of Action:

· Establish regular benchmarks for both self-assessment and community-assessment of progress.

· Develop procedures to assess the effectiveness of leaders in central office and our schools. 

· Create programs to educate parents on the school board and increase awareness of school board decisions.